Bridging SCWI Bridging Events for grade 11 and 12 students who may not consider college accessible to them. The day includes information on the many pathways to college programs, dual credits and academic upgrading options. Disability Services, a  student panel who share their struggles and pathway to college, a college tour, and a voucher for students to purchase lunch on campus with the goal of inspiring students to complete their OSSD and consider post-secondary education. To further promote post-secondary options for students  who rarely consider college, marketing materials to show post-secondary training and education options specifically for students who do not meet college entrance requirements and students in the workplace stream will be developed

Bridging helps students see themselves in the stories presented by the student panel and vision a seamless transition from secondary school to college through various pathway option that fits for the individual student. Students and educators develop an increased awareness of the many pathways to college and apprenticeship programs and the supports in place to support student success.